Nomura: Kingdom Hearts III Sales Were Beyond My Expectations; DLC Development Underway

Series creator Tetsuya Nomura just confirmed that Kingdom Hearts III DLC is currently in development.

Kingdom Hearts III released last month on the Xbox One and PS4. Series fan noticed the exclusion of certain features like Critical Mode which they hoped would come later via DLC or as a “Final Mix” release. With this announcement, it seems that could be a possibility.

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Speaking in an interview with Dengeki Online, Nomura confirmed the news as well as provided some interesting tidbits about the game.

Nomura: As far as the sales numbers go, they’re a great result far beyond my expectations. I am currently working on DLC for the game so I don’t feel like I’m finished with it yet, which has led to my sleeping time becoming even shorter after release.

Although plans for Kingdom Hearts III DLC were mentioned by Square Enix before, this is the first official confirmation that development for it has begun.

The interview also had some other great info, check out the summaries below:

Rage Form and its comparison to Kingdom Hearts II’s Anti-form

Nomura mentions that this form is different from the Anti-form featured in Kingdom Hearts III so the team decided to change then names. He further mentions that although Rage form has certain characteristics that remind fans of Anti-form, the latter was Sora completely blanketed in Darkness while the former is simply a form Sora takes when domination by anger.

Exclusion of Critical Mode

The team plans to implement Critical Mode at a later date. The mode is a bit more complex to make than judge editing numbers. It’ll take some time make adjustments so that Critical Mode is fun and unique.

Notable Memories from the game’s development

Development of the “Toy Story” world, which took 2 years to complete due to scenario discussions with Pixar.

Does Nomura plan on revealing real names of other Organization XIII members?

Possibility in future sequels.

Will we get an explanation on how Xion survived?

Nomura states that he could possibly do that with the DLC.

Who is the “Namesless Star” in the Final World?

Nomura states that there are hints in the Secret Reports and that the character has appeared in a previous game. Also the character knows something about the future.

Resemblance between Scala Ad Caelum and Daybreak Town, and Enemies in the black cloaks

Nomura states that the resemblance is understandable if you look closely. The black cloaked figures are replicas.

An update on the development of Kingdom Hearts Union X

Development on a new world is concluding, with which the team plan to move the story along further and reveal more secrets.

Could the game get a Final Mix release?

Nomura plans on providing new content as DLC instead of a Final Mix release. There will also be Free and Paid DLC down the line. Although it will take some time the team hopes to have the DLC available this year.

Thoughts on the news? What are you looking forward to or wishing for from the Kingdom Hearts III DLC? Let us know in the comments.

Kingdom Hearts III is available now on PS4 and Xbox Onne.

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