Thanos Cup Leaderboard for NA East and NA West session 1

With the Thanos Cup already in motion, players are trying to figure out where they stand on the leaderboard. The placements have been released, you can check the Thanos cup placements and rankings for NA East and NA west respectively below:

Thanos Cup Leaderboard session 1 NA East

20 players that won Thanos Cup in NA East

An amazing and dominating performance from the top duo of 1P Acornski, G2 Jаhq. Gaining 359 points in 8 matches with 96 eliminations. They were the definite highlights for the NA East session.

NA West

20 players that won Thanos Cup in NA West

EngBaboon96 teamed with Lucas is Bad and reached rank #1 in NA West. Gaining 3 Victory Royales in a total of 10 matches. They came out on top with a massive 95 eliminations getting them 321 points. Which was the same as the 2nd ranked team but due to other stats being better for the top duo they were ranked higher.

Other teams weren’t too behind in the competition. Aufinity & TP dqson got 78 eliminations and 3 Victory Royales placing them at number#2. XSET Av & Playify managed to get 91 eliminations with one Victory Royales in just 9 matches.

All 600 players on the Thanos Cup Leaderboard earned the Thanos outfit and the ‘Thanos Watches!’ Cosmetic Spray.

You can also read about more details about the Thanos Cup here.

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