The Culling 2 Player Count Drops To Lower Than The First Game Within 24 Hours

The Culling 2 doesn’t seem to be faring that well on Steam. It is a sequel to the popular Battle Royale game that launched back when the genre wasn’t full of clones on Steam. It was available as an early access release and did really well with more than 500K copies sold on Steam. However, the game was mismanaged by the developers and the changes that were made to it once it was out of early access made it controversial among the fans who dropped it soon afterward.

The Culling 2 is aiming to be a simultaneous launch across the PS4, Xbox One, and PC but it is not faring well on Steam, judging from the number of concurrent players that are online in the game right now. Steam Charts can show us a clear picture of the failure or success and it doesn’t look like the game is doing that well at all.

At one point, The Culling carried a lot of potentials but it is currently bombarded with overly negative user reviews. It had an all-time peak of more than 12k players online on Steam, but the player count faced a rather harsh drop after all the abrupt changes. Currently, more users are playing The Culling on Steam than its sequel which points towards how bad the launch of the game has been so far on PC. It remains to be seen if it has a better luck on the console side.

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