The Division 2: Can You Play The Division 2 Offline?

The Division 2 is an online action RPG in a shared world but sometimes you might want to play offline. That said, the question remains, can you play The Division 2 offline? Read on find out.

The latest installment of Division series also has a unique feature added to the game called Dark Zones. These zones are PvPvE areas that are filled with loot and play an important part in the end game.

Does The Division 2 offer an Offline Mode?

The Division 2 is similar to Anthem and requires an active online connection. You need to connect with the online server of the game to play. So, in simpler words, you can not play the game without an active internet connection.

Is there an Offline Mode for single-player in The Division 2

Even if you want to play the game as a single-player, you still would need an active internet connection. No matter what mode you want to play, having an active internet connection is a must have requirement.

To play as a single-player, you can just load into the game without adding any of your friends to the party and avoid any kind of match-making. You can end the whole campaign story as a single-player if you want, there are no restrictions to playing as a single-player.

Will The Division 2 receive an update for allowing offline game-play?

Unfortunately, there is no news on if the game will receive an offline mode update in the future. It’s unlikely that The Division 2 will ever receive an offline mode and because it is developed as an online-only title and adding an offline mode might require significant changes.

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This is all the information regarding The Division 2 having offline play option. For any more questions, leave a comment below.

The Division 2 is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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