The Division 2 has a 90GB+ Day 1 Patch

Ubisoft has revealed that the upcoming co-op shooter The Division 2 will have a 90GB+ Day 1 patch.

Noted on Ubisoft’s support site, the page claims users can expected to download the Title Update 1 on Day 1 if you bought a physical copy of the game. The update is sized between 88-92GB on the PS4 depending on the region and language choice. For those who buy the digital version will download the pre-updated game.

On the Xbox One and PC the size of the update is much smaller coming in between 48-52GB.

The large size of the update is probably due to Ubisoft repackaging the game inside the update, which could be due to major problem with the code on the disc. Since The Division 2 is an online only experience, there’s unfortunately no way to get around the huge update.

The second update, Title Update 1.5, will be much smaller in size coming in at 2GB is due to release on March 11 and will fix audio bugs reported in the Open Beta. On the topic of the Beta, for those who participated in the Private and Open Betas will need to download the full game when they purchase the game.

The Division 2 releases March 15, 2019 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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