The Division 2: How to Enter Contaminated Zones?

While playing The Divsion 2, you might stumble upon areas called Contaminated Zones which have a dotted line around them in the map. Here is how to enter these hazard marked areas safety in The Division 2.

The level of Hazard of these areas vary and its represented by the red area around them. So, don’t think you can just walk into these areas without the appropriate equipment according to contamination intensity. Read on to find out more.

What are the Contaminated Zones in The Division 2?

The zones are contaminated areas where Green Poison concentration has not been neutralized. These areas have different levels from one to hour that is according to how contaminated the zones are in The Division 2.

Also, you will require equipment according to the level of Contaminated Zones. These zones have no hostiles waiting inside for you however, you might have a hard time enter few zones that would require lockpicking.

What do you require to enter Contaminated Zones in The Division 2?

To enter the Contaminated Zones, you will require a mask with a filter. Each level of Contaminated Zone has a filter that corresponds with it and you will require that filter to enter the zone. So in short, you can enter level one zones with any mask but for higher level zones you will need to upgrade filter level.

What happens if you enter a Contaminated Zone without a mask in The Division 2?

If you enter a Contaminated Zone without a mask and a filter in The Division 2 then you will have 10 seconds to get out. After the 10 seconds pass, you will be infected and you will die.

What do you get by entering Contaminated Zones in The Division 2?

You will either have to complete a mission to complete that will reward you or a chest of gear inside. The level of rewards will depend on the level of the Contaminated Zone.

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The Division 2 is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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