The Division 2: How to Fix Specialist Ammo Bug?

The Division 2 recently received a patch fixing a number of issues but it was not all good news because the patch also had the Specialist Ammo Bug. If you’re also having difficulty due to the Specialist Ammo Bug and looking for a possible fix then read on.

As a part of The Division 2 endgame, you have to choose a specialization out of three options. After that, you receive a specialist weapon according to your selected specialization which you can carry among the rest of your weapons. These particular weapons require Specialist Ammo.

What is the Specialist Ammo Bug in The Division 2?

After the recent patch, the developers fixed a bunch of issues and some additional content was added. Unfortunately, after applying the patch, many players have been complaining about Specialist Ammo Bug and there are multiple posts on Reddit about it.

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The players have reported that either they are getting a lot less Specialist Ammo or not at all in some cases in The Division. The founder of Good Games, Andrea Rene tweeted regarded the issue that she wasn’t able to find more than two grenades in over three hours.

What are the Developers doing about the Specialist Ammo Bug in The Division 2?

The developers have used The Division 2 twitter page to acknowledge the presence of the bug. Also, they have clarified that they are looking into the issue. Ubisoft has replied to numerous tweets to gather information about the issue and also thanked concerned players for reporting the issue. For the time being, the Specialist Ammo Bug is under investigation.

Is there a possible fix for Specialist Ammo Bug in The Division 2?

The issue is at the developer’s end and there are no reported possible solutions for the Specialist Ammo bug in The Division 2. You will have to carry on without using the specialist weapons until the developers patch this problem with an update. Considering that the problem is under investigation, it won’t be long before an update is released.

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This is all on the Specialist Ammo Bug in The Division 2. If you have a possible fix to the solution then let us know in the comments below.

The Division 2 is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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