The Division 2: How to Get All Ivory Keys?

The Division 2 has a locked chest inside the White House which can only be unlocked with Ivory Keys. Here is how to get all Ivory Keys in The Division 2 in case your also looking forward to getting your hands on the rewards from the chest.

In order to get the Ivory Keys, you need to face off against Hunter bosses. That is why it’s recommended that you attempt getting all the keys when you have reached a high level in The Division 2.

What are Ivory Keys in The Division 2?

Ivory Keys are a special loot drop item in The Division 2. You will require a total of 8 keys to open the locked chest in The White House.  The chest is located on the first floor of the building. Also, the box will appear like a black weapons crate.

How to get Ivory Keys in The Division 2?

The Ivory Keys are dropped only by Hunter bosses in The Division 2 after you defeat them. However, it’s not guaranteed that every time you defeat a Hunter boss, you will get an Ivory Key. Sometimes they only drop Hunter Masks and sometimes they drop a key along with the mask. Now it gets tough here because you can not repeat a Hunter boss fight on your own and they are a limited number of Hunter bosses.

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So, in case you don’t have enough keys, you will need to join up with someone who has not yet faced off against a Hunter boss to fight them again and get the Key. If you need help locating all the Hunter bosses then check out our guide on Finding all Hunter bosses in The Division 2.

What rewards do you get from the locked chest in The Division 2?

After collecting the 8 Ivory Keys and opening the locked chest you will get a number of items. You receive a high-end weapon based on your tier level like Splinterer F2000 assault rifle. Other than this, you get a “Hunter’s Axe” backpack key chain and a weapon shader for your guns. It is recommended that you open the chest when you reach a high tier level to get a better weapon.

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This is all you need to know about Ivory Keys in The Division 2. For anymore questions, leave a comment below.

The Division 2 is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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