The Division 2: How to Level Up Fast?

The Division 2 endgame has a lot to offer but you need to Level-Up first to unlock it all. Here is how you can Level-Up fast in The Division 2.

Leveling-Up in The Division 2 is an essential part of the game. The level you are on is directly tied to everything, the weapons and gear you can use or buy, your skills, talents, perks and much more. Read on to find out more about how to Level-Up quickly in The Division 2.

How to Level-Up fast in The Division 2?

Purchasing Perks

When you begin the game, make sure to purchase the Accolades perks that each cost one SHD tech point.

Every level of this perk will allow you a way to earn extra XP in combat and help you Level-Up faster.

Completing Missions

Completing missions will earn you the most XP. Also, it is recommended to attempt a mission as soon as you reach the recommended level for a mission for maximum benefit. Other than also complete side missions as well because campaign missions won’t be enough.

Teaming Up in Missions

The Division 2 spawns enemies according to the number of players you have in your team.

For that reason, you should team up because more enemies will spawn and you will earn XP for every kill by your teammates. This will make Leveling-Up easier compared to playing solo.

Avoiding Dark Zones

Dark Zones are PvPvE areas in the game are a new fun feature of the game that does not help in Leveling-Up. Also, these zones have their own progression system which is different from the game and you don’t earn much XP. So, it recommended that you avoid these zones if your goal is to Level-Up faster in The Division 2.

Control Points

Control Points are the most rewarding out of all side activities in terms of XP.

There are a lot of enemies involved and you can earn a decent amount of XP when combined with Accolades Perks. Also, at the end of the activity, you get access to loot storage room.


Projects in The Division 2 can be accessed at any settlement. These require you to collect different things and also complete certain activities which then can be exchanged for XP. So, after playing the game for a while, you will have enough things to exchange for a decent amount of XP.

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This is all on how to Level-Up fast in The Division 2. If you have any other recommendations then leave a comment below.

The Division 2 is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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