The Division 2: How to Play Co-Op?

The latest installment for Tom Clancy series is now available on early access. In case you’re wondering how to play co-op mode in The Division 2 then you will find this article helpful.

The Division 2 is set seven months ahead of its predecessor on the timeline. The game takes you to the streets of Washington D.C in an ongoing civil war between the survivors and various villainous factions trying to take control of the capital.

Does The Division 2 have a Co-Op mode?

The Division 2 does have a co-op mode that allows up to eight players to team up. You can also play the game solo till the end of the campaign but teaming up will make you progress faster in the game.

How to team up with friends in Co-Op mode in The Division 2?

Before you can use co-op mode to team up with your friends, you need to finish the prologue mission. The prologue mission completion will unlock the Base of Operations for you in the game.

After this, you can just access the Social option by opening the menu and then select the friends to invite to the group to play co-op mode with the in The Division 2. You can access the menu by Options button for PS4 and the Menu button for Xbox One. Also, you can join your friend’s progress in the game as well by choosing the Join Group option in Social menu.

How to use multiplayer mode in The Division 2 when friends are offline?

If none of your friends are online, you can still team up with strangers in co-op mode. You can do so by accessing the computer terminal at every safe house to start matchmaking with random players. The other option is heading to mission marker and holding down the Square/X button to initiate matchmaking for co-op mode.

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This all you need to know about co-op mode in The Division 2, leave a comment below for any more questions.

The Division 2 is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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