The Division 2: How to Recalibrate Equipment?

In The Division 2, you might need to recalibrate your equipment to make your gear stronger. Not sure how to recalibrate equipment? Read on to find out how.

In The Division 2, you can recalibrate equipment at the Recalibration Station. To start recalibrating equipment, you will need to recruit Emma Richards as well. After reaching recruiting Emma Richards, you can use the Recalibration Stations which is located in the White House.

What is the Recalibration Station in The Division 2?

The Recalibration Stations in The Division 2 allows you to recalibrate your equipment. You can change the talents on your weapons making your gear stronger and suit your playing style. However, this is not available on all equipment but only on high rarity equipment.

How to Calibrate your equipment in The Division 2?

When you’re at the Recalibration Station in The Division 2, in order to select the equipment you want to improve, open the Open Category option at the Recalibration Station. Then head into weapons inventory if you want to improve a weapon and select the weapon.

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When you have selected the weapon, you can then select the talent you want to replace and it opens up the option where you can replace it with talent from another weapon. It’s important to add that only one talent can be taken from an item and talents are transferred between equipment of the same category, for example, transferring between a sniper rifle to a sniper rifle.

What happens to the weapon you take the talent from in The Division 2?

In order to take the talent from any equipment, it needs to be deconstructed. So, the item is useless after the talent is taken.

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The Division 2 is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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