The Division 2: How to share items

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is Massive Entertainment’s latest online third person shooter game that puts emphasis on a co-op play style and encourages teamwork. This is especially true if you want to successfully complete some of the harder missions in the game. That’s where being part of a team really pays off because team support skills become active and on top of that you’re also able to share items. The ability to swap and share items really comes in handy, but there are certain restrictions to it and you can only swap certain items. This guide can help clarify some of the restrictions and explain how the item sharing mechanism works.

Item sharing in The Division 2

Loot drops from enemies during missions are random which means that your teammates can get different items while doing the same mission. Chances are your teammates could get the perfect item that you were looking for to complete your build and they already have the item or vice versa. This is where item sharing system comes in and you can read about it in detail below:

How to share or swap items in The Division 2

The first step is to make sure that you are a part of a group or squad with the person who you want to trade with and that you have completed an activity or task while you were with that person. After that you’ll receive a prompt to trade or swap items with the people in your group.

The next step after ensuring you’re in a group is go to your inventory and select the item that you want to share with your teammate and press the options button (LS/L3) which will show a drop down menu. Then press the share item option from the menu and the item should drop to the ground where your teammate can take it while you’re in the Dark Zone.

What are the restrictions to sharing items in The Division 2

There are some limitations and note that you can’t walk up to a random player in the game to swap items and that you can’t share everything which is one of the major drawbacks of the system. Make sure the item you select has a double arrow icon in the top left corner just above the image of the item. The item must not be older than one hour otherwise it’s fixed to your character. Also shared items are set to the original owners level unless they’ve cleared the campaign. If an item traded is above the other players level, he can’t use it till he levels up to match the item.


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