The Division 2: How to Unlock Dark Zones

The Division 2 has a number of unique unlock-able zones which are called Dark Zones. In case your also wondering how to unlock Dark Zones in The Division 2 then you will find this guide helpful.

Dark Zones are PvPvE areas introduced in The Division 2. Due to their increased difficulty, you are recommended to equip yourself with better gear before entering these areas. Read on to find out more about Dark Zones.

What are the Dark Zones in The Division 2?

Dark Zones in The Division 2 are a unique feature added to the game. These zones are basically high difficulty areas that are also full of loot.

There is no law and order, its hard to differentiate between enemies and allies. Moreover, it’s recommended that you stay vigilant in Dark Zones as even your allies can go rogue.

How to unlock all Dark Zones in The Division 2?

There are a total of three Dark Zones in The Division 2 that are located on different parts of the map.

DZ East

DZ East is the first Dark Zone that you will unlock. You will need to keep playing the campaign and work towards upgrading Theater Settlement to Level 3. Next, this will allow you to recruit Senait Ezera. As a result, you will be able to meet her back at your base of operations where she will give a mission for DZ East. Lastly, you will have to go to your first Dark Zone and complete the mission which will unlock DZ East for you in The Division 2.

DZ South and DZ West

After completing the DZ East, you will be able to take on the DZ South mission which will unlock that Dark Zone. The last zone, DZ West, will also have a mission which you can take up after unlocking DZ South. Completing the mission will again unlock the last Dark Zone.

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This is all on unlocking Dark Zones in The Division 2, leave a comment below for any more questions.

The Division 2 is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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