The Division 2: Operation Dark Hours Raid Release Date

The Division 2 Operation Dark Hours raid has been long awaited by many players. As we get closer to the launch of World Tier 5 gear update, there has been much speculation on the raid release date. Raids generally offer some great additional content that developers launch at later stages of the games life. Before release, raid information and mechanics are closely guarded secrets. However that doesn’t prevent some of the enthusiastic data miners from supposedly acquiring details of the Operation Dark Hours Raid for The Division 2.

What are the leaked details of The Division 2 Operation Dark Hours raid?

According to the leaks by a user on The Division subreddit, the raid starts at Arlington Bridge. From there all 8 team members have to reach the other side of the map and remain alive without utilizing any of their skills. However players will be able to collect drops from the enemies they kill and use them to boost bullet damage along with other benefits.

The leaks also mentioned special drops from enemies or perks similar to the ones in ‘Call of Duty Zombies’. They would replenish your ammo or give you unlimited skill recharge, reveal hidden item stashes and checkpoints.

The leak talked about a point in the raid where a random player from the team would be chosen as the match progresses and become the ‘Hunted’.  The ‘Hunted’ is the only player that will be able to locate the escape route on the map from where the team can safely get off the bridge. Remaining 7 players on the team will have to protect and ensure his safety in order to be successful since all enemies will be targeting the ‘Hunted’. This means players will have to coordinate with each other to a greater extent in order to win the game. This could potentially enhance the co-op experience in the game.

The raid team will then proceed from the parking lot towards the upper level. Along the way they will be met with attack helicopters and artillery fire. The team will then proceed to the airport runway where the raid will end after a boss battle with two enemies. The other boss accompanying the main one has an ability which can annihilate the entire team if activated.

When will The Division 2 Operation Dark Hours raid be released?

If the leaks prove to be true this will be a great experience for players which encourages team play and rewards existing players with more content. However the leaks don’t mention or point to a release date for the raid. As of yet, there is no official release date for The Division 2 Operation Dark Hours raid that has been revealed. We should hopefully be getting close to it though as the 5th April World Tier 5 update is nearly here.

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