The Division 2: What is Carbon Fiber?

In Division 2, there are a number of Crafting Material you can use and Carbon Fiber is one of them. If your having trouble with crafting and don’t know what the uses of Carbon Fiber are in the game then this article will guide you.

Having Carbon Fiber or any other Crafting Material is useless unless you have unlocked crafting in The Division 2. You can unlock crafting by completing the Grand Washington Hotel mission while completing your campaign story. After the mission, you will recruit Inaya al-Khaliq who will be your crafting person.

What is Carbon Fiber in The Division 2?

As mentioned before, Carbon Fibre is a Crafting Material in The Division 2. Each item you will want crafted will have its own requirements in terms of Crafting Materials.

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That is why you might require Carbon Fibre, especially during the end game while crafting exotic items in the game.

Where to find Carbon Fibre in The Division 2?

The more guaranteed way of getting Carbon Fiber in The Division 2 is defeating the high-level enemies that belong to the True Sons Faction. Other than this you can also find Carbon Fiber when you open boxes that can be found around the map.

How much Carbon Fiber can you carry in The Division 2?

The amount of Carbon Fibre you can carry at once depends on the level of Crafting Material perk.  If you have the highest level of Crafting Material perk than you can the maximum amount of Carbon Fibre you can carry is 200.

How to craft items in The Division 2?

In order to craft items, first, you will need to go to Inaya al-Khaliq who is your crafting person. You can find her on the ground floor of the White House. Other than this, you will require the Blueprint, Division Credits and required Crafting Material to craft an item.

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This is all on Carbon Fibre as a Crafting Material in The Division 2. In case you have any more queries regarding Crafting the leave a comment below.

The Division 2 is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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