The Division 2: What’s the easiest to get Hunter Mask

There are 12 Hunter Masks in total in The Division 2. They’re essentially cool looking hockey masks and are vanity items. However, getting one is no easy task. The Masks can only be attained after killing a Hunter which is a level 35 NPC and is extremely powerful. If you’re not adequately leveled and geared up they will one shot you. Also getting them to spawn summon requires multiple tasks to be performed. These random rituals can be time consuming so we found the quickest method. The easiest to get Hunter Mask in The Division 2 in terms of convenience would be the Specter Hunter Mask.

How do you get the Specter Hunter Mask in The Division 2

Before you start make sure you’ve completed the DC-62 Lab Quarantine side mission which is relatively easy. Then once its night time 2100 hours (9pm) or later in game head to the East Mall on Independence Avenue SW which is right next to the Dark Zone South. You can check the in game time by going into photo-mode.

Then when you’re there should see a tall white building which says ‘Department of United States’ on the roof. The building has 16 windows each with a upper and lower part. Grab a single fire weapon, preferably a pistol and proceed to fire a single bullet into each of the second/lower row of windows from left to right. Make sure to shoot only the lower part of each window as pointed out in the image below and proceed to shoot from left to right.

Also don’t forget to shoot the window (circled in the image above) on the far right which is partially hidden behind the yellow cover. Once you’re done with second row, shoot the first/ upper row of windows. Again make sure to hit only the lower part of each window and do not shoot the windows that are blacked out.

After you’ve done this process successfully a Hunter will spawn right next to the building behind the barricade to your right. If he doesn’t appear restart the game and it should work. Also make sure you’re carrying a specialized weapon and are adequately geared to avoid getting one shot by the Hunter. Then once you beat him, he’ll drop a Specter Mask and an Ivory Key.

If you have any questions or queries let us know in the comment section and we’ll do our best to help you out. For more news, guides and helpful tips on The Division 2 check out our other articles.


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