The Division PSA: High-end Magazines are a great way to increase DPS

In The Division after reaching Level 30 players will have have to turn to crafting and loots to get improvements in their stats. Probably the best attachment for your weapon if you want to increase your DPS (Damage Per Second) are the High-end Magazines.

These magazines offer various bonuses including improved magazine size, damage, reload speed among others. Due to this your DPS will usually increase in the range of 30 to 40k on an average Level 30 weapon which is a lot.

the division

You can get High-end Magazines as loot in the wild or from the Advance Weapons Vendor. The Blueprint for the Magazine is sold for 86 Phoenix credit and will require 3 High-end (Yellow) Weapon Parts and 5 Yellow Tools.

These High-end Magazines should definitely be a great mod if you’re planning a DPS based class. What build are you aiming for in The Division? Let us know in the comments.

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