The Forest Update Version 1.09 (PS4) December Patch; Here’s What It Does

The Forest is getting a major update in December that will be available today. It will patch the game to version 1.09 on the PS4 and also launch on other platforms.

December update for The Forest adds a good chunk of new content to the game. As a survival horror sim, the game has managed to retain its popularity and it was also recently released on the PS4. This December update currently doesn’t have any official patch notes or changelog, but the developers did share a trailer giving a glimpse at the new content.

The Forest update version 1.09 will implement the following changes and fixes on all platforms starting today.

The Forest Update Version 1.09 (PS4) December Patch (PC); Here’s What It Does

Update: These are the patch notes for The Forest update version 1.09 on PC, which is available now.

  • New weapon added: Crossbow and crossbow bolts
  • 8 New structures added (removed names to avoid spoiling surprises)
  • New buildable item: hang glider
  • New creature type added
  • Added fuel gauge to chainsaw and removed UI fuel bar
  • Added throw away animation to hairspray when empty and removed UI fuel bar
  • Overworld map now includes mountain area in the far north and improved how many functions
  • (multiplayer) Fixed case where host would not be able to kick or ban cheating players
  • (multiplayer) Fixed cases of players names not being visible to host
  • (multiplayer) Fixed case where clients could instant kill other players using mods
  • (multiplayer) Fixed cases of players being able to damage other players buildings using cheats even if building destruction was set to off
  • Fixed one maple tree type not reacting to explosives unless player was extremely close
  • Fixed several cases of sunlight leaking into caves when it shouldn’t
  • (multiplayer)Fixed case where other players could appear locked in place after being revived
  • Fixed overly dark small red plant when ambient occlusion was enabled
  • Fixed some tabs in survival book having strange subtle pattern on them in some lighting
  • Fixed excess dropped head bombs still ticking/light flashing as if they were about to explode
  • New art for headbomb
  • (multiplayer) Fixed loading icon getting stuck on screen after dying while entering a swim cave
  • Fixed log sleds flying away when loading a save game with bodies stored in the sled
  • (multiplayer) fixed end boss charge animation missing for clients
  • Fixed fire damage audio getting stuck on sometimes when killing end boss
  • (multiplayer) Fixed enemies not always reacting to hits with shorter weapons as client
  • (multiplayer) Fixed clients unable to walk through destroyed chunks of foundation walls
  • Caves – fixed hole in cave 3
  • Caves – fixed hole in cave 6
  • Fixed paper money in inventory having wrong texture when sheen effect was visible
  • Fixed missing audio when hovering aloe, and stick bag in inventory
  • Fixed dropped arm using different model than held arm
  • Updated dead tree bark texture
  • Updated spec passes on some plants
  • Fixed frost screen not lined up
  • Darkened blood screen
  • Removed bobbles from plant 19
  • Added in new volumetric clouds option
  • Improved look of tree billboards
  • Improved performance and lighting of end sting scene
  • Improved look of large lake in middle of world
  • New underwater fog and caustic effects
  • Smoother light flicker on lighter
  • Fixed small area near yacht where ocean could be seen through
  • New reflection without player in cave water
  • Fixed underwater cave icons blurry
  • Optimized cpu usage on fire warmth system

This is the 10th update for the game since it launched in April 2018. The video below shows some of the new content that will be available after this update.

The Forest is available now on the PS4 and PC through Steam. It was developed by EndNight Games. It can be played in first-person and deals with survival in a remote forest after a plane crashes leads to the lead protagonist Eric Leblanc and his son becoming the only survivors in this desolate location.

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