The Last of Us creative director teases new DLC announcement tomorrow [Update]

Neil Druckmann, who is the creative director of The Last of Us, has tweeted a mysterious new bit of info which might be related to the upcoming DLC. The tweet shows a picture of a newspaper which clearly shows the date and shows something related to a Outbreak.

Earlier the week, The Last of Us director Bruce Straley tweeted that they will finally reveal DLC info for The Last of Us this week. This tweet has been followed by two new tweets by both Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann; both of these tweets are tagged as #OutbreakDay. Neil Druckmann tweets a picture of a newspaper with a clear release date of September 26th, 2013.last-of-us-dlc-tease

You can read both of the tweets below.


Is this it? Are we finally going to be getting the long awaited DLC info tomorrow. From the sound of it, this DLC will be set in the same The Last of Us universe as evident by the tag #Outbreakday. This DLC could be set on the same day as the Outbreak occurs and perhaps follow the famous character that we never got to see or meet i.e Ish. We can read letters/notes of him scattered through out the game to know his story; which has a fairly grim ending.

Update: Further hints have appeared on tweeter pointing to Outbreak Day DLC. You can read the hints here.

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