The Last of Us demo included in GOW: Ascension now unlocked

Just a PSA to all God of War: Ascension owners as the included The Last of Us demo will this game is now unlocked and playable. The demo is currently only available to God of War: Ascension owners right now although there were rumors that it’ll be available to other Playstation fans later but with the release just a few weeks away we kind of doubt that.

The Last of Us demo included with Ascension features the Outskirts level where main characters Joel and Ellie along with supporting character Tess have to escape the infected in the area. Infected included in this section are the clickers and runners which you’ll have to beat by looking for useful items in the surroundings that give you the edge against the monsters.


The Last of Us is Naughty Dog’s last game on Playstation 3 as they move on to Playstation 4. They’ve set a competitive benchmark this generation with their Uncharted series of games which every developer will hope to beat in the upcoming generation of gaming.

The Last of Us hits stores exclusively for the Playstation 3 June 14th worldwide.

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