The Last of Us Director Makes Fun of PC Gaming In A Light-Hearted Tweet

Neil Druckmann doesn’t really need an introduction when it comes to game development. He is the main guy behind two of gaming’s most treasured releases, Uncharted 2 and The Last of Us. While Druckmann didn’t share this space alone and had Bruce Straley to back him up, he has still shown his creative vision in the game he has worked on and with the announcement of The Last of Us 2, it will be his magnum opus since Bruce Straley is taking a break putting all the pressure on Neil Druckmann for the sequel.

Recently on Twitter, Neil Druckmann shared a light-hearted tweet that was poking fun at the nature of PC gaming. PC gaming is no doubt much more convenient these days but it can still show its ugly head at times especially when there is some hardware issue not to mention the bloated mess that is Windows 10.

Druckmann casually shared a tweet where he talks about getting back into PC gaming only to end up with an error screen. In all seriousness, Druckmann wasn’t really talking bad about PC gaming if we go by his tweet but rather highlighting how many issues can sometime randomly pop up for a game due to a variety of reasons.

The Last of Us 2 is currently in development under the direction of Neil Druckmann. There is no release year for it yet but considering it was revealed at PSX 2016 and the announcement to release cycle is usually 3 years at the minimum for Naughty Dog, you can expect the game to releases sometime in 2019 at the earliest.

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