The Last Of Us Is Finally Playable On PC For The First Time

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Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us was one of the best rated PS3 exclusives that launched at the end of the console life cycle. It held the record for the most Game of the Year wins until The Witcher 3, but it is still one of the most successful console exclusives of all time in term of critical reception. Perhaps the recently released God of War PS4 can surpass it but there is no doubt that it had a large cultural impact.

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The Last of Us was a PlayStation console exclusive that was later remastered for the PS4 after launching in the same year as the console’s release. It is only playable on the PS3 and PS4 but that might change soon with the continuous development of the PS3 emulator, RPCS3. This emulator can finally boot The Last of Us in-game which is a big step towards proper emulation.

We have already seen the emulator boot games like Metal Gear Solid 4 and now The Last of Us is also on its way to get proper emulation on PC. It will take time but the same was the case with Demon’s Souls and it is now fully playable through emulation on PC.

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RPCS3 is currently being worked on by a set of passionate developers and while they have already achieved a lot in just 1 year of development, it is not surprising to see that they are still trying their best to get most of the major PS3 exclusives working through the emulator. It might not be perfect but it is still a good way to see how your console favorites can hold up in 4K years later after their release without having to wait for an official remaster.

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