Ex-IGN Editor Has Heard That The Last of Us Part 2 Is Targeting 2019 Release Window

The Last of Us Part 2 still doesn’t have a solid release window for it. Some fans are speculating that it might launch in 2019, but perhaps this is not as ridiculous as it sounds.

The Last of Us Part 2 was first revealed at E3 2016 with a short teaser followed by a trailer showing a mature Ellie at PSX 2016. The first proper gameplay footage was shown at E3 2018 but despite these three major events and new media, there was no solid release window or even a hint of it.

Alanah Pearce has formerly worked at IGN and is currently at Rooster Teeth. In a Twitter conversation about upcoming games, she shared that The Last of Us Part 2 is releasing in 2019 from what she has heard, but of course, this information hasn’t been publicly¬†disclosed yet. Once she realized the mistake, she deleted the tweets but not before some fans were able to preserve it on reddit.

While it is possible that she was mistaken, and she has said the same in her tweet, Official PlayStation Magazine UK is hyping up the game as releasing in 2019. It is important to mention that they are not affiliated with Sony despite the ‘official’ in their name. The other evidence to suggest a 2019 release window comes from the new trailer shared by PlayStation called ‘Coming Attractions’ which has listed all of the upcoming exclusives. You can also see The Last of Us Part 2 in that marketing video for the PS4.

Personally speaking, I don’t see the game launching this year. At best, we can expect to see a Summer 2020 release window for it, and it is possible that the game will also offer cross-generation upgrade of some kind for the PS5. It is just my opinion and not some speculation or rumor that we have heard about the game, so don’t take it seriously.

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