The Last of Us Part 2 Story Leak Spoils Major Twists, Source Is Allegedly a Disgruntled ND Employee

The Last of Us Part 2 has received a major leak from a disgruntled employee at Naugty Dog. This leak has revealed major story twists including the ending.

The leak happened just over 24 hours ago as gameplay footage from a developer build made its way online. There were multiple story cutscenes in this build including some debug information that also revealed the complete chapter list along with the Epilogue. This leak also had major story twists so if you are waiting for the game, this might be the best time to stay away from the internet.

The leaked gameplay videos are still accessible from here as of now however knowing the severity of the leak, they could be taken down rather quickly. Some videos are major story spoilers that reveal the fate of certain characters while others are general gameplay segments. The title screen has also leaked for the game showing us how it might look like in the final game.

The developer build appears to be unfinished as the animations are glitched and there are bugs all around, but there is no doubt this is an authentic leak. According to YouTuber SuperMetalDave, this leak came from a disgruntled employee over at Naughty Dog who leaked the game due to a payment dispute. This is a rumor for now so don’t take this for guaranteed.

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