The Last Of Us Remastered: June 20th Release Date Changed?

The Last of Us is an action, adventure, survival-horror game set in a post apocalyptic state of the current world. As amazing as it was, it did keep up to the hype it created at E3 2012. Originally the game was created for the PlayStation 3 by developer Naughty Dog on June 14, 2013 and upon release of newer consoles, Naughty Dog announced their plans of releasing The Last of Us remastered for the PlayStation 4.


The Last of Us won several awards and accolades, even before release, the game caused quite a ruckus at E3 2012 as it won 5 game critic awards and was nominated “Most Anticipated Game of 2012” at the Spike Video Game Awards. Along with that, the game received a rating of Perfect 10 from Computer and Video games, Destructoid, Edge, Eurogamer and IGN.


Like many other games this year, Amazon, Target and Best Buy have claimed a release date of June 20th for the upcoming remastered edition of the game but the situation changed when all three withdrew their claims; Amazon and Target replaced the well awaited date by December 31st and Best Buy has ” not yet announced it .”

It is somewhat obvious that the game might not release on the given deadline as it is most likely a place holder for the retailers as they don’t know the official release date. Yet, the concur withdrawal of the previous deadline by all the retailers has lead me to believe that Sony itself, might have asked then to make this amend.

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