The Last Remnant Remastered Announced For PS4

Square Enix has announced a remaster for The Last Remnant after taking it from the Steam store earlier this month. The Last Remnant was one of the flagship RPG from Square Enix at the start of last generation consoles. It was exclusive to the Xbox 360 at launch and then later ported for the PC, but it was never released for the PS3.

In a surprise announcement ahead of TGS, Square Enix has now revealed that they are working on a remastered version of The Last Remnant that is scheduled to release for PlayStation Store Japan on December 6 and will cost 3,980 yen.

The Last Remnant had become somewhat a running joke among the community after it used to keep topping the most wanted games list for the PS3 on Famitsu. The game never released for the PS3 but it seems like Square Enix was indeed keeping an eye on it as seen from the release of the remastered version for the PS4. This announcement is for the Japanese version only so there is a good chance more platforms will be added once, and if, this is officially announced for the West.

The Last Remnant Remastered will launch digitally on the PlayStation Store on December 6th. This new release will include all the features and improvements from the PC version and runs on a new game engine with higher resolution.

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