The Last Of Us Devs: Sony Created A Mock Review To Tease Us; “Pleasantly Surprised” By Overall Critical Reception

The Last Of Us is the latest game from acclaimed developers at Naughty Dog. As a project, it was financially a huge risk since it was a new I.P right near the end of a console life cycle. Although, this didn’t stop Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann from fulfilling their own vision for this project. Once the project was finished, Sony hired a consulting group to create a mock review of The Last Of Us, that gave it an average score and complained about lack of boss fights and variety in the game.

In a latest Interview to Empire Online, both reveal how the critical reception to The Last Of Us exceeded their wildest expectations but more importantly, they also talked about how Sony teased them, by creating a mock review that gave the game an average score, leading to them expecting such average scores from most other critics.

Neil: What was also interesting was right when we finished, Sony hired some consulting group to do a mock review for the game.

Bruce: Oh yeah…

Neil: And then we got that mock review and it was kind of like an average score, and they were complaining that there’s not enough boss fights and variety, and we were like, “OK, that’s kind of what we expected would be some of the reactions.”

Bruce: Yeah, they were saying, “We want some kind weapons, or some kind of secret cool weapon from the government that could destroy the infected easier.”

Neil: “We want more different classes of infected to fight…”

Bruce: “We want to know about the government conspiracy…”

Neil: So that’s when we thought, going forward, “OK, that’s going to be how a lot of people react to this, it’s going to be this.” But we were, again, pleasantly surprised when people picked up on the stuff we were trying to achieve.

The Last Of Us is nominated for many of the Game of the Year awards for this year. It has also won several of them. It is also maintaining a strong 95 meta score on metacritic. Naughty Dog have also won Best Studio at this year’s Spike Video Game Awards. Their next project seems to be a new Uncharted on PlayStation 4, that was revealed at this year’s Spike Video Game Awards show.

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