The Legend of Heroes: Trails To Azure (Ao no Kiseki) fan translation patch released

The long awaited patch for Ao no Kiseki or The Legend of Heroes: Trails To Azure has been released.

To Azure is the fifth title in the Trails series and was released back in 2011 for the PSP in Japan. The game was part of a dualogy and the sequel to Zero no Kiseki. Unfortunately for fans of the series outside of Japan, the game never got a Western release.

The other two subseries in the Trails main series have been getting major attention in the West. The Trails in the Sky games have been fully localized while Trails of Cold Steel games are gradually being released. Seemingly Ao no Kiseki and Zero no Kiseki were ignored even though the games sold well and received favorable reviews.

The patch was released silently on the 6th of July and is available now on major ROM and Torrent sites (no we won’t link you). To use the patch you will need to modify an .ISO copy of the game and play it either on a hacked PSP or a PSP Emulator like PPSSPP.

A leaked patch for Zero no Kiseki is also available on the Internet, it has the game at 99% translated making it fully playable. The games’ story continues directly so you may want to play that one first.

Personally I’m still hopeful for an official release, maybe developers Falcom and NISA, who’re handling localizations for Falcom now, can release the game on the Switch? Nintendo’s console is perfect for the game.

What do you think of the game? Will you be giving Ao no Kiseki a playthrough now that its translated? Are you a fan of the series? Let us know in the comments.

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