The Legendary Super Saiyan comes to Dragon Ball FighterZ on December 5

After several teases, reveals, and rumors, the main character from the most highest-grossing Dragon Ball film ever finally has a release date and it’s sooner than you might think.

At the Red Bull Japan Saga 2019, Bandai Namco provided a release date for when the Legendary Super Saiyan will arrive for Dragon Ball FighterZ–December 5th. Beyond just a simple announcement, they also released an impressive trailer–one that you will want to avoid if you haven’t seen Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

True to the source material, the latest trailer shows key people from Broly’s life including Gohan, Vegeta, and notably Cheelai. While the full details aren’t yet known, the trailer makes it clear that Bandai Namco has made sure to include key moments that fans of Dragon Ball Super: Broly will immediately recognize.

The final climactic battle sequence between Broly and Gogeta appears to be represented in the game as well along with Broly’s transition from Wrath State, to Super Saiyan to ultimately Legendary Super Saiyan. As for how many references to Dragon Ball Super: Broly we will see we don’t know, but in a few short days, we will.


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