The Order: 1886 Features Unique and Original Weaponry

The Order: 1886 is without a doubt one of the most highly anticipated games coming out this year. Set in an alternate history London, where an old order of knights keep all of the world safe from half breed monsters, who are a combination of animal and man. Just the plot itself makes you want to get your hands on the game as soon as possible. There have been a lot of rumors and news going around regarding The Order: 1886 like the recent rumor that the game was visually downgraded to resolve the frame rate issue and the developer’s response to the rumor stated the opposite.

Now we have news about the weapons in the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive. The weapons in The Order: 1886 are original and unique which makes this game very different compared to all the other third person shooters. Sony Computer Entertainment briefly streamed the game on Twitch and showcased the the M-86/FL Thermite Rifle which is a lot more then just your standard rifle. Aside from shooting bullets, it has a secondary feature too which allows players to shoot out thermite-grit, by Pressing the R2 Button, that bursts into a flammable gas on impact, and then you can shoot a flare with the help of the R1 Button that will ignite the flammable gas and incinerate the enemy.


So the M-86/FL Thermite Rifle isn’t just an ordinary rifle as it doesn’t only shoot bullets, it has a grenade launcher like secondary attachment which allows players to shoot a grenade which breaks on impact, releasing a flammable gas which is ignited with the flare resulting in a super hot cloud of fire.


Make sure you have the M-86/FL Thermite Rifle is your arsenal of weapons when The Order: 1886 comes out on the PlayStation 4 sometime at the end of this year.

Abdullah Raza


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