The Pokemon Company’s Net Profit up 50% to $124 Million over previous year

The Pokemon Company’s latest financial figures for the year have been released with the company showing tremendous growth.

According to the numbers posted on Japan’s Official Gazette (via 1,2), The Pokemon Company made a Net Profit of $124 million (13,389 million yen) for the year ended on February 28, 2019. These numbers are up almost 50% from last year’s Net Profit of $81 million. It’s also to be noted revenue from the company’s Pokemon Center business is not included in the aforementioned figure.

The Pokemon Company has seen great success in the last few years with success of Pokemon Go along with its regular game releases on Nintendo consoles as well as merchandise and other media. Although these numbers are the highest for the company in its 21 year existence, next years could be even bigger with the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield on the Nintendo Switch as well as revenue from the Detective Pikachu feature film which proved to be a huge success netting over $392 million worldwide at the time of current time of writing.

The Pokemon Company is rapidly exploring different strategies to cater to different markets with them announcing several new projects recently which include but aren’t just limited to a Detective Pikachu sequel game on the Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Home and Pokemon Sleep for mobile devices and a new smartphone title with developers DeNA. The company has become more active in the recent years trying to diversify its portfolio and it’s certainly interesting to see what they’ll try next. Hell, I really loved the Pokemon themed dress shirts they released in Japan earlier this year.

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