The Quiet Man Update Version 1.02 Implements Audio, Out Now On PS4 And PC

The Quiet Man update version 1.02 is available now and it finally implements the support for Audio. This update should be live on PS4 and PC.

The Quiet Man is an interesting experiment from Square Enix that stars a deaf protagonist. It is a game that mixes full motion videos with cutscenes and until this update, there was no sound for them so it was impossible to piece together the story without any visual cues. This is finally resolved with an update titled “Answered” which is out now. The Quiet Man update version 1.02 is available now on PC and PS4.

Square Enix has shared the video detailing this update on their official channel, watch it in action below.

Here is a short story synopsis that claims that the story is better told once played the second time with this new update. If you are still confused after beating this game, perhaps give it a chance now.

The story will bring light to the truth,
and maybe even uproot the mystery that was thought to have been solved
as if to say, “I knew nothing at all…”
The first version, that threw words away.
The second version, that brought words back in.
A story dramatically transformed.
This is the completed experience.
And so, with everyone, I want to ask this.
Can we really be strong to say we do not need words, even if we have them?
In a world overflowing with words, can we really find something beyond them?

The Quiet Man is available now on PS4 and PC.

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