The Surge – A Walk In The Park: How To Access DLC Expansion

The Surge has received its first DLC expansion called A Walk in the Park. This expansion is accessible in the main game and requires you to reach specific locations in order to access the new DLC area. The DLC is divided in two parts and you will be able to find both of them using this article.

The first part of the DLC level can be found right near the second level (Main Production) where you will meet Irina. Once you reach this point, you should be able to head to the DLC area by boarding the train to start the expansion. This is part 1 of the expansion for A Walk in the Park.

The second part of the DLC level can be by progressing to the research and development level in the story. Once there, you will be able to find a drone that can call you to go right, which is the location of the second part of the DLC expansion.

If you are playing a new game+, you will be able to play both parts without leaving the DLC area. If you start the expansion from research and development level, you will also have access to both parts. However if you are in main production, you will have to exit the first DLC area in order to reach research and development section.

The Surge: A Walk in the Park is out now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. It can be bought for $19.99 and requires the base game in order to function. It adds many new enemies to the game and features a brand new locations where emphasis is placed on a more colorful variety of environments.

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