The Walking Dead Season 4 Will Continue Under Skybound Games

The Walking Dead Season 4 was reportedly delayed after TellTale Games closed down, however, it might release in another way through the publisher Skybound Games.

Skybound Games is owned by Robert Kirkman, who is the creator of The Walking Dead. They previously worked with TellTale Games on The Walking Dead. After the news of TellTale Games closing down was confirmed, there were rumors about the developers looking for someone to take the responsibility of finishing this season.

In a new Tweet today, Skybound Games has now confirmed that they are taking the responsibility of completing the full season and will try to hire the original The Walking Dead development team in order to achieve this task.

The Walking Dead Season 4 will culminate the story of Clementine. The game offers a completely different story and features original characters from The Walking Dead universe. This is the fourth and final season for Clementine who started as a child and has grown into a full adult by the end of her story.

The Walking Dead Season 4 was released earlier this year but the news about TellTale Games’ financial troubles and then subsequent closedown led to the cancellation of the season after just 2 episodes. Among the canceled games included Stranger Things which was leaked last month. The remaining 2 episodes will be now completed under a different development.

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