The Witcher 3: How to acquire the Bear School Gear

The Witcher 3’s open world is filled with a plethora of secrets, including plenty of unique gear sets that you can use in different combat situations. One such gear set is the Bear School Gear, which comes with very powerful armor that can sustain and protect you from heavy damage. However, results in slower stamina regeneration, so choose wisely as it may not be best suited to your play style.

The set can be found in Skellige, and the suggested level for acquiring them is 20. If this is your first Witcher gear, you’ll also unlock the ‘Armed and Dangerous’ trophy/achievement once you collect all the pieces. Here’s how you can find the diagrams for the Bear School armor:

Ursine Armor


The armor pieces for this set can be found in a fortress north of Urialla Harbor on An Skellig, the nort-eastern island. The road leading up to the fort can’t be accessed, therefore you’ll need make your way up by climbing and jumping. Go to Yngvar’s Fang and proceed to follow the trail, taking out the level 13 sirens along the way. Just make sure to bring them down quickly with your crossbow.


Follow the trail into the fort. Once there, take a left and head down the stairs, into the dungeon. You’ll be confronted with level 7 wraiths inside, but they shouldn’t pose much a threat at this point. Go across the dungeon room and pull a lever that you’ll find on your right. Hop down the hole that is in a cell nearby. Turn right at the crossroad and you’ll encounter two level 20 wraiths that will pursue you. Instead of taking them on, ignore them and climb the stairs and then jump ahead over the rocks.


You’ll now be inside a throne room. The diagrams can be found in the chest near the throne. Once you have what you came for, pull the lever next to the door and leave the area.

Ursine Crossbow


Head over to Spikeroog, the north-western island and look for a coastal cave by the road on the south side of the island that meets the coast just south of the Old Watchtower signpost. Head inside the cave and defeat at least 3 of the level 15 drowners. Try to divert their attention and take them on one at a time. Once defeated, move on and turn right at the first fork.


Climb up the rocks and jump across the gap to a platform with a skeleton.You’ll find the diagram on the corpse.

Ursine Steel Sword


The steel sword diagram can be found in the far south, at the Ruined Inn on Ard Skellig, the central, largest island. Close to this area is a Monster Nest with level 13 sirens, but you won’t need to take them on in order to acquire the diagram.


Head inside the charred inn, and use Aard to clear your way into the basement. Down here, you’ll find a chest with the diagram inside. However, before you can grab it, you’ll need to take on 2 level 20 wraiths.

Ursine Silver Sword


The silver sword diagram can be found at the ruins of Fort Etnir, north of Rogne, on Ard Skellig. It is, by far, the most challenging piece to acquire from the Bear School Gear. You’ll find it inside a chest that is guarded by two level 15 gargoyles with stronger ice elemental damage.


You can’t avoid the encounter as the chest can’t be looted without defeated them.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Let us know if you found this information to be helpful in the comments below.

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