The Witcher 3: How to get all Gwent cards

Acquiring all Gwent cards in The Witcher 3 can be tricky, especially when several of them are easily missed if you don’t play your cards right (pun intended). We’ve taken it upon ourselves to make things a little easier for you by compiling a sequence that you should follow in your quest to collect all of the Gwent cards.


If you’ve unfortunate enough to have already missed out on one of the missable cards, this guide should come handy for a second speed run, especially if you’re aiming for a Platinum trophy on the PS4, or 100% achievements on the Xbox One or PC. In order to unlock the ‘Collect ’em all’ trophy/achievement, you’re only required to collect 120 unique cards. There are 199 cards in total, but 79 of those are duplicates. For example, for cards like Ghoul, which have Muster, you will need to grab all 3 unique cards from its subset.

Keep a lookout for merchants and innkeepers that sell Gwent cards. Blacksmiths and armorers don’t sell cards, although you can play and win cards from them. Some of the 120 unique cards are earned randomly by playing with the aforementioned merchants, smiths, and armorers. However, you don’t have to play with every individual that plays Gwent. The number of random cards are less than the number of NPC’s who are willing to play with you.

For a list of randomly earned Gwent cards, follow the link here:

The Witcher 3: List of Gwent cards that can only be earned randomly


If you happen to win a random card that you already have, reload an earlier save and try again. In fact, make it a point to save prior to every Gwent game that you play. If your reward is a duplicate card that you don’t need, reload your save and try again.

The sequence of steps that you should follow can be seen below.

White Orchard

  1. Buy all cards from Elsa, the first and only innkeeper in White Orchard. (Missable on PS4 and Xbox One until patch 1.04)
  2. Win the tutorial match of Gwent at the inn. (Missable)


  1. Gwent: Playing Inkeepers – You will get this quest from one of the noticeboards in Velen
  2. Gwent: Velen Players – Make sure to play against the Baron and complete this quest before you finish off the Family Matters main quest.
  3. Gwent: Big City Players – You’ll get this quest from one of the noticeboards in Novigrad.
  4. Zoltan Chivay will give you a quest called A Dangerous Game. Once you acquired all cards required for this quest, make sure that you don’t trade them for money. (Missable in case you traded)
  5. Gwent: Old Pals – You start this mission after defeating Zoltan Chivay, who is located near Rosemary and Thyme. At some point, you will need to play against Lambert. In order to find Lambert you must finish a side quest called Following the Thread. After killing Ekimmara and finishing this side quest Lambert will give you a new quest. Accept and finish it. After you finish this quest talk to Lambert straight away before he goes to Kaer Morhen. Alternatively, if you don’t play Gwent with Lambert before he goes to Kaer Morhen, you can still meet him at The Nowhere Inn.
  6. Do Triss Merigold’s side quest i.e. A Matter of Life and Death. Once you reached the ball, head to the only exclamation mark on your map and play against three players in order to get their cards. (Missable)
  7. Gwent: Playing Thaler – In order to find Thaler, you will need to finish side story of Triss Merigold. Dijkstra will give you a side quest called A Deadly Plot. Follow this quest until you find and free Thaler. Play against him before he leaves. (Missable)
  8. Puttkammer and Sweers cards can be bought from Merchant in Claywich, just south of Crow’s Perch. In order for this merchant to appear in Claywich,  you need to free him from a group of bandits by completing the Person in Distress mission on a large island that is located to the East of Boatmaker’s Hut in Velen. You’ll encounter these bandits at the center of the island. Note: there appears to be an occasional glitch that results in the player not getting a key to free the merchant from his prison cell. In order to make sure you avoid this, make a manual save before encountering the bandits. Once the merchant is free, meditate for an hour and then head over to Claywich. You’ll encounter him next to a hut.


  1. Gwent: Skellige Style – You’ll get this quest from a noticeboard. In order to play against Gremist, you need to finish the Practicum in Advanced Alchemy.
  2. There is a druid-quest giver near the Gremist, who gives you a side quest called Shock Therapy. Finishing this quest will get you a Hero card.

We certainly hope this information helps game completionists in obtaining all the trophies/achievements for The Witcher 3. Let us know if it did in the comments below.

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