The Witness Pre-Orders Are Now Live For PC, Price Revealed

The Witness

Jonathan Blow’s next Puzzle title, The Witness, is now available for pre-order on PC and PS4. This was announced on the game’s official twitter account, though the actual details were posted on the game’s website which crashed due to the large amount of traffic it received. More details about the game will be revealed once the website is back up again.

The Witness is an upcoming 3D Puzzle Adventure which takes place on an island filled with a number of natural and man-made structures. The island is divided into ten sections which are arranged around a mountain. Each section is filled with various Puzzles which you will have to complete in order to get to the next section.

The Witness

According to the game’s creator Jonathan Blow, there are around 650 Puzzles in the game which will take around 80 hours to complete. He also said that one of those Puzzles will be so difficult that only 1% of players will be able to complete it.

The Witness is set to launch on January 26, 2016 for PC and PS4. Those who are interested in getting this game can pre-order it through Steam or through the Humble Store at a price of $40 USD / €37 / £30. The game is developed and published by Thekla, Inc.

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