The Wolf Among Us Season 2 Early Screenshots Leaked (Update)

TellTale Games has announced the second season for The Wolf Among Us but they haven’t really shown anything from the game. Now some screenshots have been discovered on a developer’s website that has previously worked with TellTale Games and it shows a new look for The Wolf Among Us, possibly for the upcoming second season.

These screenshots show Bigby Wolf, the main character in The Wolf Among Us. The things to notice here is that his character model has been redesigned and he looks different now compared to season 1. You can view them in the screenshots below.

These images are still present in the gallery of Fun Labs, who have previously worked on outsourcing for TellTale Games.

These can still be considered as a potential tech demo screenshots since TellTale hasn’t shared any official footage from the game yet. Still, it is interesting to see how the design of the main character was changed for it.

The Wolf Among Us Season 2 was originally set to launch in 2018 but it was later delayed to 2019. TellTale Games are also reportedly working on a brand new game engine for all their future projects so The Wolf Among Us Season 2 will be developed on this new game engine. In the past, TellTale Games has faced controversy due to the poor performance of their game engines so only time will tell if their new engine fares any better.

Update: Confirmed to be fake by Telltale themselves:

 I want to clarify: that image definitely did not come from us. It is not a leak, nor a reveal. It’s most likely something a fan created.

Thank God!

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