The Order: 1886 “Leaked” Shots Are From An Old Build, Developers Currently “Crunching” On The Game

The Order: 1886 recently received a set of new screenshots, that were available on the official new site of Sony Santa Monica. According to Founder of Ready at Dawn, developers of The Order: 1886, these screenshots weren’t supposed to be released to the public because apparently they are very old, and most likely belong to an old build of the game.

Andrea Pessino was approached by a user on twitter, asking about these new screenshots.  Pessino clarified that they weren’t meant to be released and he had no idea how they were made available online.

those shots are very old and were not used for good reason. No idea how or why they got leaked now.

He also dropped the news that while these might be very old shots, the new stuff is even better.

they are very old, from about the time of the @gameinformer article. Glad if you like, new stuff is better.


Pessino also talked about how they were currently doing “crunch time” on The Order: 1886, perhaps to meet the deadline of the release date.

The Order: 1886 has been rumored for a Fall 2014 release date. Although it has yet to be confirmed. We suspect if the developers are doing “crunch time” on the title, they might be aiming for this rumored date, hopefully.

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