Thief to get Mantle and TrueAudio support with newest patch

Eidos Montreal have confirmed that the reboot of thief series will be able to utilize AMD’s two leading technologies, Mantle and TrueAudio.  The patch is expected to be made available on 18th March

Mantle is an AMD developed API which (atleast in theory) is a replacement of DirectX and it increases the performance of games by accessing the graphics drivers directly and reducing the layers of code thus resulting in a framerate boost. The only game which supports Mantle at the time of writing is Battlefield 4 and the performance increase directly related to Mantle was significant. Although Thief was expecting to support Mantle on launch day but the developers failed to meet the deadline therefore support has been added as a patch.


TrueAudio is another new technology which greatly enhances the gameplay experience by clever use of sound.

TrueAudio will be utilized in Thief to create an effect called “convolution reverb”, which simulates the echoes you’d experience in a similar real-life location. The effect is achieved by recording an impulse response of a real location, which is then used by the game as an echo characteristic to manipulate the audio into sounding realistic. For example, cathedrals in Thief should sound more like real cathedrals with TrueAudio enabled.

Besides these two main features, bug fixes and other performance enhancements are also expected.

Stay tuned for more details!

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