Thief robs Xbox One of 1080p while PC version trumps all

Add another game to the infamous “1080p vs 900p/720p” war that is constantly brought up by PS4 and Xbox One fan-boys.

According to some unconfirmed reports, Xbox One users will not be able to play as Garrett in the reboot of the Thief franchise in 1080p. It should be noted that there is no word on the PS4 version yet but since the industry insider, Ahsan Rasheed aka Thuway, specifically said that Microsoft’s console will not be able to run the game in full-HD so we assume the PS4 version can achieve that feat. Until someone officially accepts (or denies) this statement, it should be treated as a rumor since it is not confirmed if the game will have a better resolution on PS4 or its just a stunt to undermine Xbox’s power.


Console fans should look away now since Eidos Montreal’s technical art director Jean-Normand Bucci has stated that the game will offer the most eye-candy on the PC version. Speaking to DSOGaming, he was quick to praise the new consoles but the bottom line was that the game will look the best on PC

“The new consoles are very strong, very powerful. They allow for much more than what a console gamer is used to. The gap between PC and next gen has massively reduced for sure. The new consoles and high-end PC offer better frame rate, higher resolution, and many new features along with DX11 support.

The PC version will support all the graphical features of the next-gen consoles with numerous improvements, including even better anti-aliasing, higher resolution shadows, and support for multi-monitor. Thief on PC will also be amongst the first batch of games that support AMD’s new Mantle API for high performance graphics”

So while people with consoles rage on about the non-HD resolution, PC gamer will be able to enjoy the highest quality graphics.

Thief is scheduled to be launched on 25th February on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and the PS4

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