Third Dragon Ball XenoVerse DLC to include Golden Frieza from Resurrection F movie

All Dragon Ball fans are looking forward to see Golden Frieza in action in the upcoming Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F movie. To capitalise on the hype Dragon Ball XenoVerse developers Dimps will be including Golden Frieza in the third upcoming DLC for the game as revealed by this week’s Jump.

Along with Golden Frieza, the third DLC pack will also include two teachers – Jaco from Jaco the Galactic Patrolman series and another character who will be announced at a later date.


Other content includes five new parallel quests to grind, thirteen special moves, three Z Souls, Gohan’s costume from the Resurrection F and two new accessories including Tagoma’s Scouter. Tagoma is a brand new character featuring the upcoming movie.

If you’re still on the edge about Dragon Ball Xenoverse then feel free to read my review (spoiler: the game’s great).

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