This is how Grand Theft Auto Online is meant to be played

Grand Theft Auto Online is all sorts of wacky fun but we believe this video showcases how it is best meant to be played.

Youtube user ReplayGoblin created this video in which he tries to rescue a kid and his friend by offering them a ride in his helicopter. After going through a difficult ride because of 3 stars and cops chasing them, they finally meet a grim end. Of course, a kid playing a mature game like Grand Theft Auto Online seems….. weird but this is a topic fit for another discussion.

The video description reads:

I wanted to give out helicopter rides and little did I know that the cutest kid in the world would need my help. I tried my best to rescue him and his friend in my heli…

Check out the video below.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Its initial launch was full of problems but Rockstar managed to solve most of the issues after the latest patch.

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