This Xbox One Blades Dashboard Is A Modern Take On The Cult Classic Xbox 360 UI

Xbox 360 users might remember the famous blades dashboard that was a popular system UI for the console in its early life cycle. It was later replaced with new system software updates but this hasn’t stopped fans of the classic UI attempt to bring it back to the Xbox One.

Xbox One OS has received plenty of major changes including complete revamp of the basic UI. A dedicated fan of the old blades dashboard has attempted to create the same look for the Xbox One with a more modern interface as seen below.

It looks nice in term of the interface and seems simple enough without too much clutter on the screen, although it is never going to be realized so just imagine it as a proof of concept. There is no doubt that a lot of work and attention has gone into trying to create the same look as the classic 360 blades dashboard.

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Microsoft has supported the Xbox One with seasonal firmware updates. The original system UI was vastly different from its current state and the same applied to the Xbox 360, that has also received a couple of different system UI throughout its life cycle.

Let us know what do you have to say about this fan-made dashboard concept in the comments below.

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