Thomas Was Alone Dev: Sony Is “Awesome” To Work With, Vita Is Turning Around From A “Dodgy Start”

Mike Bithell, the creator of Thomas Was Alone, had some kind words to share regarding Sony and the PS Vita.

Thomas Was Alone was one of the first indie title that was released with cross-buy promotion for the PS Vita and PS3. It was also available for free on PlayStation Plus in both, US and EU. Being given for free in the PlayStation Plus promotion, it definitely helped the game to stay in the spotlight.

Mike Bithell agrees that this helps to get more fans: “Yeah, every bit of noise makes the game sell better. It sells better outside of a bundle when it’s in a bundle, it sells crazy well when it’s in PS Plus.. basically, if you have a reason to mention the game to a buddy who hasn’t bought it yet, I do well.”


Mike Bithell also shared his thoughts on what he thinks about the PS Vita, and regarding his experience with Sony: “I love the vita from a hardware / os perspective.. a fine console. And sony are awesome to work with. I think they are turning around from a dodgy start, and I’m excited to see that continue.”

Thomas Was Alone was recently released on the iOS store. It has been released on the PS3, PC and PS Vita. Mike Bithell is currently busy working on his next project called Volume, set to release on the PC, PS4 and PS Vita.

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