My three favourite online risk Games

Ever since I’ve been able to play casino games on the go, I have always loved being able to feel like I am in a casino while on the train, in a friends car or while trying to wile away the hours on a stupidly long bus journey. The quality of mobile gaming is really outstanding across the board and has improved immensely in recent years which has seen a commensurate uptick in quality for mobile casino games.

When you first open an app however it can be really tough to know where to start. Some have over 700 different games and it’s just impossible to work out which will be the most fun, intuitive and interesting to play. It is also hard to know which app to download so it makes sense to check out reviews like this dunder casino review so you know what you are getting. Well written reviews like the dunder review are really great at helping you understand the best places to play. In terms of what to play it is worth first considering the phone you are using but if it can handle the power of these games then here are my three favourites to play.


Blackjack is one of my favourite games to play in a casino and it’s almost better when you play it on the go. It is such a quick but challenging game that you can fit in very quick sessions and play as and when you want to. You won’t get into a game that takes forever and has you constantly checking your watch to make sure you aren’t missing things. It is also very simple to learn if you are a beginner who is new to casino games. It takes very simple maths and has a low risk but very high reward if you are still learning how to play and working out when to stick and when to twist.


Poker is one of the few casino games that you feel like you have real control over. It has a high learning curve but once you understand you will love playing as it has such a great sense of strategy and tempo meaning that committing to learning is always rewarded. On mobile it is also simple to load up and get straight into a game, you can even play against other real people than just the computer which makes it even more fun. There are also lots of tournaments that you can play in giving you a chance to win plaudits as well as money.


Bingo halls are the worst. They are usually out of town, old and in need of a spruce up. However the game itself is really excellent, it’s very fun and simple to master. It also has different variants if you are strapped for time or if you want to have it on in the background while you are doing other things. Playing online allows you all the fun of playing the game without having to drive out to the middle of nowhere to be in a place that hasn’t been properly maintained since the early 1980’s.

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