Three reasons why you shouldn’t spend money on an insanely expensive motherboard

Three reasons why you shouldn't spend money on an insanely expensive motherboard

With over 195 million tablets sold in the year 2013, majority of them coming from devices sporting the Android operating system, it is quite evident that the shift from desktop computers to mobile computing has started to become ubiquitous. Nonetheless, we believe that there is a huge time span left before mobile computing can start replicating the monstrous computing prowess that is present in desktop processors. One major components of desktop computers (and notebook computers) happens to be the motherboard. Remember, just because you want to acquire a high performing and feature enriched motherboard does not mean you have to resort to spending a fortune on it. This is the reason why we have compiled the article on why you shouldn’t spend insane amounts of money on an expensive motherboard.

1: You will not end up using all the features of the motherboard

A motherboard coming stamped with an expensive price tag does not mean that the board is going to be crafted out of gold (although there are such things as gold plated capacitors but that’s beside the point). An expensive motherboard will have copious amounts of features; so many that you will have difficulty in reading all the features let alone us them separately. In fact, we can bet dollars to doughnuts that you will end up using at most 30% of the total features present on the board. If you happen to come across a high performing motherboard and you have some bucks to spare as well, don’t purchase it until you are adamant about using at least 70% of the total features embedded on to the board.

2: You will not be adopting a multi GPU configuration

Three reasons why you shouldn't spend money on an insanely expensive motherboard

Expensive motherboards will come bundled with extra slots in order to help you take advantage of the flexibility of adding extra add – on cards later in the future. However, make sure that you do end up purchasing these cards in the future or else you will have nothing but empty slots catching dust. Although dust will not be a concern for expansion slots, it is always prudent to think about the future before you move about in overwhelming haste to purchase the product.

3: You will not be overclocking your processor

Three reasons why you shouldn't spend money on an insanely expensive motherboard

One great use of purchasing an expensive (yet powerful) motherboard is that it will present you with a closet full of options to overclock your components in order to get as much juice out of them as possible. Components such as processors and RAM modules can be tweaked for achieving higher amount of performance without spending a single dime. However, you should also realize that cheaper motherboards are also present with the same overclocking options but since the components incorporated in to motherboard will not be able to withstand such tweaking stress for a prolonged period of time, the motherboard will eventually give out and stop functioning. If you do plan to purchase a fairly expensive motherboard, make sure you have the intent of overclocking your processor and other components, otherwise, you’ll just end up wasting money.

Before we conclude this section, we want to draw up a little scenario to make your purchasing conundrum a tad bit easier. Instead of spending exorbitant amounts of money on an expensive motherboard that will only give you a performance boost after you end up overclocking your processor and / or RAM, why not spend a portion of that money on a price / performance motherboard and the remaining cash on something that will actually deliver raw performance; something like a powerful graphic card or a speedy solid state drive. Why spend recklessly when you can pick out other components that give you the most bang for your buck and spend that cash wisely. Think about this during your next purchase.

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