Thrustmaster’s TS-PC Racer Wheel Will Be Available Next Month

Thrustmaster, a gaming hardware company, has today launched a new racing wheel for PC. This will be their first ever open-wheel design that will enable players to experience more dynamic and powerful effects that will enhance their gaming experience.

This new racing wheel, known as TS-PC Racer, has a 40-watt brushless motor that is backed by an embedded cooling system that keeps the temperature of the hardware low at all times, and that too without making any noise. As a result users will experience 50% more dynamic response.


The motor uses a new algorithm called Field Oriented Control (FOC) to boost the company’s HallEffect AccuRate Technology (HEART) system, which relies on special magnetic sensors (3D Hall Effect) used for precise movement detection. In addition to all this an external Turbo power supply system has been added to the hardware.

The wheel will have six buttons on the central area that will allow for easy accessibility. In addition to this, there is a 3-position rotary selector with a push function. Users have the option to set the maximum wheel rotation from between 270 and 1080 degree, according to their preference.

You can buy the TS-PC Racer Wheel for a price of $499, from December 5 onwards.


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