Tabata says Final Fantasy XV could release later than expected although they have fixed a date

After the game’s director Hajime Tabata showed off last week’s demo everybody and their mothers have been going crazy for Final Fantasy XV. The game went into full development not too long ago, and by the speed Square Enix tends to make games it could be quite some time before we play it.

In a recent interview with Gamekult, Tabata explained that the game could “take a little more time than you think”.

The progress of Final Fantasy XV is going very well. For now we managed to release the debut trailer at Tokyo Game Show and the reception has been extraordinaire and the morale of the team is great. Everyone is working very hard on the development.

Regarding the question of whether we have enough members in the team, it is a concern that we have to answer ourselves at this time, because the more we move towards the final version, the more we have to produce huge amounts of content, we are really in a phase of mass production.

To do this, we need more people to help us, so we are in recruiting in full force to strengthen the team. We are trying to find the right people to lead the development to completion.

I can not give the exact date, but I can tell you it has already been set – the final release date and the countries in which it will be released. We are working to release the game on time, but it might take a little more time than you think.

We personally think that Final Fantasy XV’s Western release go be as far as 2016, we’ve explained why here.


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