This Time Lapse Video of FFXV Episode Duscae on PS4 Shows the Beauty of luminous Engine

FFXV Episode Duscae demo gives us an early glimpse at what to expect from Luminous Engine on the current generation consoles, and is is definitely a sight to behold, showing visuals that offer true next-generation experience on current-generation consoles.

YouTube user vspectra has recorded time lapse video of Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae dynamic day and night cycle from his PS4, and as can be seen in the video below, it looks absolutely phenomenal.

As this animated GIF demonstrates, Square Enix has perfected the look of the game in a dynamic day and night cycle.

Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae is out now on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As we revealed earlier, the PlayStation 4 version of the game runs at 900p resolution while the Xbox One version runs at sub-800p resolution. You can read more about Episode Duscae including guide for locating the Phantom Swords from here.

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